Just as we have what
used to be supercomputers
in our pockets, our homes now
require the telecommunications
infrastructure of a small city.

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Welcome to Everest Telecom and IT Solutions

Everest Telecom and IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd is End to End Trunkey site service providing company situated at Kathmandu. Our principals are knowledgeable professionals that have been providing wireless service since it began. We offer expert development services for Telecom industry to manage Telecom Projects from Realize, Analyze Phase to Closure Phase. We guarantee quality results with the highest industry standards as we believe on developing our own team and crafting the projects as per our own idea, always customer’s first. We are team young enthusiastic professional. Our motto is to understand the customer’s requirement and delivery any sort of projects to enhance customers comfort also on the mean time growing together.

Our Products & Services

Network Audit

Network Audit

Networks require consistent maintenance and vigilance to ensure reliable service delivery and adherence to end user Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Objectives of EVEREST TELECOM AND IT SOLUTIONS's Network Audit services

  • Network characterization and assessment
  • Comparison of measured data with data on similar systems
  • Recommendation of possible course of action and Network modifications
  • Compilation of Network data for Network expansion, operations and maintenance

Fiber Optics Networking

Fiber Optics Networking

EVEREST TELECOM AND IT SOLUTIONS teams of highly qualified engineers and technicians led by finest technology experts, posses the skills and expertise required for implementing and maintaining mega fiber network and FTTX projects as well as providing turnkey solutions and material supply. Hence we provide the following services.

  • Fiber Installation
  • Fiber Maintainence

Telecom Service Provider Work

Telecom Service Provider Work

  • Civil - We do foundations for the following structures:
    • Towers – GBT, RTT, Roof Top Poles and Guyed Mast Towers
    • Foundation work for Tower, Outdoor, DG, Shelters of various types and sizes.
    • Power backup DG sets for vibration free and low noise.
  • Tower Erection & Painting - Our Tower erection and painting procedures comply with aviation rules.
  • Electrical and Grounding - The electrical and Grounding works as per Clients requirements, we supply LT panel, ACDB, electrical materials and Earthing materials.
  • OD Shed and Fencing - We supply Hot Dip Galvanize OD shed and Fencing materials as per clients requirement and complete installation on sites.
  • Power Connection: We do Liaoning and and power connection with the government department concerned.
  • Clearances / Permissions - We obtain permissions from SEB/PCB and Local Administrative Bodies.
  • Acceptance tests - We conduct quality and acceptance tests of sites and handover to our prestige clients

About Us

Everest Telecom and IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd is working in multidisciplinary field of engineering works. The company is owned and managed by a Team of engineers with specializations in Telecommunications, Energy and IT. We are working on design, installation, optimization and maintenance on the field of Telecommunications, Energy and IT.

Currently, the primary focus of company is on customizing the telecommunication work and processes for efficiency and growth. Our motto is to bring telecom industry of Nepal professionalism by effectively planning delivering the telecom projects.

Apart from the primary goals, we provide services like designing customized electronic/electrical products and accessories required in different governmental and private offices, laboratories of engineering colleges and telecommunication service providers. We also provide consultancy services of related field and trainings in different areas like solar energy, software/hardware, networking etc.

Mission & Vision

Vision: Our contentment is "Customers Satisfaction and Appreciation". We always do the quality work and the degree of our excellence in quality work will never be declined instead it is always being elevated in upcoming time. EVEREST TELECOM AND IT SOLUTIONS is commitment to provide on time delivery, best in class customer service and exceptional quality in whatever it does.

Mission To provide a leading edge one stop solution for all telecom business needs, committed to provide an outstanding customer service and delivery. The company’s mission is to provide best quality of service and products on renewable energy, electronic/electrical equipments and information technology all over the Nations.


"Customer first" approach to all work and provide service reliability and unparalleled real-time transparency. Our Delivery and work volumes stand a testimony to that. Financial comfort and support base for undertaking high value projects. We provide value and cost effective solutions with fast and reliable order delivery. We implement the best Management Practices in every endeavor. Our Professional Telecom team will always provide you with high quality and guarantee trust. EHS & SAFETY It's EVEREST TELECOM AND IT SOLUTIONS prime objective that all operations are to be carried out in a safe manner and that every measure is to be taken to prevent personal injuries to our staff, customer and member of general public who have legitimate interaction with our work operations. EVEREST TELECOM AND IT SOLUTIONS is fully committed in making our projects and operation sites a safe place to work and will treat site safety matters with highest priority. We believe

Why Everest Telecom and IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.?

EVEREST TELECOM AND IT SOLUTIONS is a Telecom service provider company in Nepal that includes FTK sites, Project Management, Telecom Equipment Supply and Operations & Maintenance.

Our Professional Telecom team always provide high quality and guarantee trust project management services, professional staff creates the winning spirit, customer oriented Teams those provide continuous development process and progress.

Business Guideline
We start by defining the scope of work, outlining budget costs and setting goals to make sure key milestones are met. Throughout the project we ensure that materials, resources and funds are ready when needed, quality & safety measures are reviewed and customers receive timely information.Our business and it's employees engage in 6 policies on day to day basis for inherent value of business as a going concern:

  • On Time Task Completion
  • Quality Commitment
  • EHS Compliance
  • Zero Corruption
  • Under Budget
  • Continuous Improvement

Business Model & Core Values

EVEREST TELECOM AND IT SOLUTIONS is a relationship-based company and over the years, our commitment to and consistency at every level of organization has won us the trust of our clients. Our business relationship model supports our client’s improved profitability and market advantage through continued growth. The success of EVEREST TELECOM AND IT SOLUTIONS can be measured and determined by its sustained rise in the brutally competitive market. Our environment is open to adapt flexibility, change and value our employees’ talents and we consider their hard work and capabilities to be the cornerstones of our achievements.